VIETNAMESE CUISINE: 1006 West County Road 42, Burnsville, MN 55337
Hours: Tues - Thurs : 11AM - 9:30PM | Fri - Sat : 11AM - 10:30PM | Sun: 11AM - 9:30PM | Mon: - CLOSED-

Special Lunch Combo

Serve daily from: 11 AM – 3 PM

Daily Soups

May substitute daily soup for vegetable soup at NO extra charge. Any other soup will be $1.95 additional

Choice of Appetizers

Egg Roll(1) Chicken Wings (4)
Hot & Spicy Wings (4) Cream Cheese Wontons (4)
Fried Wontons (4) Substitute (1)
Spring Rolls(for an additional $0.95)

Choice of Entrées

serve with White Rice or Fried Rice

Nov - Spicy

Chicken Lomein
Beef Lomein
Pork Lomein
Tofu Lomein
Mock Duck Lomein
Chicken Egg Foo Young
Pork Egg Foo Young
Vegetarian Egg Foo Young
Chicken w/ Mixed Vegetable
Pork w/ Mixed Vegetable
Beef w/ Mixed Vegetable
Tofu w/ Mixed Vegetable
Mock Duck w/ Mixed Vegetable
Lemon Chicken
Sweet & Sour Chicken
Pork over Rice Noodles
Beef over Rice Noodles
Chicken over Rice Noodles
Tofu over Rice Noodles
Mock Duck over Rice Noodles
Egg Rolls (1) over Rice Noodles
Vegetable Egg Roll (1) Over Rice Noodles
Beef Chowmein
Chicken Chowmein
Pork Chowmein
Tofu Chowmein
Mock Duck Chowmein
Vegetable Chowmein


Hot & Spicy Chicken
Hot & Spicy Pork
Hot & Spicy Tofu
Hot & Spicy Mock Duck
Curry Chicken
Curry Pork
Curry Beef
Curry Tofu
Curry Mock Duck
Curry Vegetables
Sesame Chicken
Ginger Chicken
Ginger Pork
Ginger Beef
Ginger Tofu
Ginger Mock Duck
Stir Fried Sweet & Sour Chicken
Stir Fried Sweet & Sour Pork
Stir Fried Sweet & Sour Beef
Stir Fried Sweet & Sour Tofu
Stir Fried Sweet & Sour Mock Duck
Stir Fried Sweet & Sour Vegetables
*Please indicate your spice level on a scale of 1-10.